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Conveyancing Right offers a full range of conveyancing services in Melbourne. We have a team of conveyancers in Melbourne that can handle anything from contract review to <a href="/our-services/first-home-owners-grant/" >First Home Owners Grant</a> application assistance. If you want to learn more about <a href="https://conveyancingright.com.au/our-services/" >our services</a>, here are some commonly asked questions about our services and their answers. <div class="content"> <div> <input type="checkbox" id="question1" name="q" class="questions"> <div class="plus">+</div> <label for="question1" class="question"> Why choose Conveyancing Right? </label> <div class="answers"> <p>Conveyancing Right is a Melbourne-based firm that specialises in conveyancing for selling or buying property. We have over 30 years of experience helping clients prepare, review, and implement their contracts. But our services don’t end there. We also provide assistance in First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) processing and so much more. Taking you all the way through to settlement and beyond if necessary.</p> <p>We pride ourselves on our personalised services, based on what each client needs.</p> <p>If you need help in the area of real estate investing, whether you are buying or selling, we have services that are specially designed for you. We believe in keeping clients on the loop at all time, so you never have to miss a thing in your real property affairs. We even have an App for that!</p> <p>And everything can be done online, making the process so much easier for you.</p> <p>Buy or sell property in Victoria with the help of Conveyancing Right.</p></div> </div> <div> <input type="checkbox" id="question2" name="q" class="questions"> <div class="plus">+</div> <label for="question2" class="question"> What makes Conveyancing Right different from law firms? </label> <div class="answers"> <p>Our aim is to make life easier for you, not harder. We have automated systems in place to ensure that you are taken through the process from start to end.</p> <p>We offer fixed fees, so you know what to expect. Try our Instant Quote generator now.</p> <p>We also have an App that allows you to track the progress of your matter in real time.</p> <p>Integrated in our technology is an easy communication platform within which to convey information in a cybersafe manner. Your cyber safety is of great concern to us.</p> <p>We ensure that your matter is handled by a solicitor, not a clerk, throughout the process.</p> </div> </div> <div> <input type="checkbox" id="question3" name="q" class="questions"> <div class="plus">+</div> <label for="question3" class="question"> What services do you offer? </label> <div class="answers"> We deal in all aspects of the purchase or sale of property. We offer <a href="/our-services/contract-review-lawyer-in-melbourne/" > contract reviews</a>, assistance with the first home buyers grant or other stamp duty concessions, on all types of property. We can also help you with your leases, Wills, mortgages, caveats, and Powers of Attorney. </div> </div> <div> <input type="checkbox" id="question4" name="q" class="questions"> <div class="plus">+</div> <label for="question4" class="question"> What role do you play in our home-buying journey? </label> <div class="answers"> We can guide your through the journey, to help you make informed decisions throughout the process. We can arrange valuations, Title Insurance, and even put you in touch with services that can help you with the move. We are here to answer all your questions on this exciting journey. </div> </div> <div> <input type="checkbox" id="question5" name="q" class="questions"> <div class="plus">+</div> <label for="question5" class="question"> How can I keep track of the progress? </label> <div class="answers"> We have an App (Apple and android) in which you can check the progress of your matter. You can even log into your file via our website. We also send out progress reports as we go so you know throughout where your transaction stands. </div> </div> <div> <input type="checkbox" id="question6" name="q" class="questions"> <div class="plus">+</div> <label for="question6" class="question"> Can you help me purchase properties through auctions? </label> <div class="answers"> We can help you review the contract before the auction and attend an auction on your behalf. </div> </div> <div> <input type="checkbox" id="question7" name="q" class="questions"> <div class="plus">+</div> <label for="question7" class="question"> How long does a settlement take? </label> <div class="answers"> When you sign the contract to buy or sell your property, you will agree with the other party when settlement is to take place. Make sure you give yourself enough time to deal with your bank and get everything in order. Closer to that date we will schedule a time on which to settle. Settlement takes place online through PEXA, and you are therefore not required to attend. We give you access to your matter on Pexa, so you can track your settlement yourself. Once the process starts, settlement takes about half an hour, after which we will notify that settlement has been completed. </div> </div> <div> <input type="checkbox" id="question8" name="q" class="questions"> <div class="plus">+</div> <label for="question8" class="question"> Do you cover insurance? </label> <div class="answers"> We have professional indemnity insurance cover. Further PEXA transactions are insured (please refer to PEXA for the full details). We can also help you arrange Title Insurance should the property you purchase have certain defects in title. This is a one-off insurance premium that covers you throughout your ownership of the property. </div> </div> <div> <input type="checkbox" id="question9" name="q" class="questions"> <div class="plus">+</div> <label for="question9" class="question"> How much out of pocket expenses are involved? </label> <div class="answers"> When you buy you will need to pay stamp duty (unless you are exempt, such as an eligible first home buyer), Land registration fees and Pexa fees. The amount depends on the value of your property. Click on ‘Get an Instant Quote’ for further details. </div> </div> <div> <input type="checkbox" id="question10" name="q" class="questions"> <div class="plus">+</div> <label for="question10" class="question"> How can I get in touch? </label> <div class="answers"> Please fee free to use the <a href="/contact/" >contact form</a> below to get in touch with us, and we would be happy to answer any questions. </div> </div> </div> If you have been wanting to <a href="/our-services/buy-property-in-melbourne/" >our services</a>, seek help from our contract review lawyers and more. Our lines are open even after business hours, so you can reach us whenever the need arises. You need a reliable conveyancing partner for buying or selling property, why not work with a reputable firm like Conveyancing Right? Feel free to contact us today.

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